Last Night I Danced

Last night I


Sat on the kitchen floor


Sipped a hot cup of tea

Poured out three that went cold

Put my toes in the grass

Decided again to be on the fence about ginger

Watched the sun go down

Walked the bases of a field 4x

Gave a really bad analogy

Screamed (without moving my lips)

Made my hair purple again

Put on two different colors of lipstick

(And wiped them both off)

Almost cut my hair

Examined the stains on my face from eyeliner moved by tears

Mixed my dinner into a bowl of mush

Lost the desire to taste

Listened to 17 new songs

Forgot 17 songs

Forgot my foot is still fucked

Iced my fucked foot with frozen blackberries

Determined I am not a failure

Watched blood run down my leg in the shower

Rediscovered walls (actual physical walls)

Thought about basil

Thought about sex

Thought about people I haven’t thought about in a while

Hugged myself


Forgot I wasn’t alone in the room

Remembered how much I like Wes Anderson

Decided I want to watch more Tarantino

Enjoyed the flexibility in my hips

Slid my socks on a wood floor

Held myself upside down

Decided I don’t like pants

Felt strong

Felt weak

Felt angry with myself







Felt missing

Felt proud of myself.

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