Tobacco Warehouse Dreams

The songs we used to listen to don't hurt anymore

Old photos




I found a piece of your clothing the day I left

It still smelled like you

And I remembered

the dreams we made together

And I held them, smiling


Sometimes I am caught off guard

Like when I hear the name of your favorite poet

We used to read his words together


Words feel louder at night

Wood floors

Barn doors

Dusty hallways

Art with Sharpies

Everything is a canvas

If you have the courage


Poems and dreams

I haven't thought about in a long while


When we parted ways

You took my heart

I took our dreams


Everything we said we would do

I did alone

It took me some time

Sometimes I wonder if you noticed

But I didn't do it for you








You took my heart

And I took our dreams


But love is abundant

I know that now

And dreams are infinite

Not copyright


My heart is full and overflowing

And I have many stars in my sky

Finding new ones every night


Wherever you are

I hope your eyes are wide

I hope your heart is full

I hope your universe is filled with light

And I hope you find/found your home


I did

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