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I'm a designer, strategist and social justice activist based in New York City. I graduated with both university and departmental honors from Parsons School of Design, with a BBA in Strategic Design & Management and a minor in Economics.

While living in Seville, Spain during my studies abroad, I saw, for the first time, how design not only built the objects we see, but also affects cultures, societies, economies, and the climate. Systems, spaces, products, movement—design is everywhere and part of everything!

But more than anything else, I believe that  INTENTIONAL, GOOD, HUMAN-CENTERED DESIGN CAN CHANGE THE WORLD.


Throughout my experience, I have held creative roles at companies such

as Michael Kors, Havas, The Studio of April NemethARCH Production & Design, & Match Health Collective.

Outside the world of academia, I found a home in the community of recreational partner acrobatics—a community deeply rooted in social justice and improving authentic human relations. I co-designed and teach in a space for queer and trans folx, as well as curate and lead discussions on ethical responsibility. In 2019, I co-founded Ignite, a national community of women focused on having the hard conversations to support, explore and advocate for socially responsible spaces and practices.



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