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Assignment Explore | ARIS Design

+ Research     + Social Impact     + Prototyping     + Business Models     + Disruptive Technologies     + Design Persuasion     

+ Marketing     + Organization Design    + Branding     + Systems Design     + Social Responsibility


In a semester-long project that spans planning, research, implementation and testing, students will experience the unfolding of the design process, with special attention given to the use of iteration and prototyping as a means to generate knowledge and/or innovative solutions. Students gain a theoretical as well as a practical understanding of how to organize and optimize the design process as well as the critical skills to reflect on the design process and its outcomes.


ARIS Design is a firm we created and branded in the beginning states of the project. As a team, ARIS Design explored global issues to determine where we might create an intervention. Upon choosing the topic of globalized education, ARIS Design developed Assignment Explore. Assignment Explore is a venture to facilitate the gap year abroad experience for students. We believe that the gap year abroad experience teaches students values which are vital for their overall growth. We believe that through the experience of new cultures, individuals can open their minds and become more well rounded, and ultimately more accepting of different ways of thinking, believing and doing. ARIS Design affirms that through the facilitation, and diminishing of misconceptions and bias regarding experiential education, Assignment Explore will ultimately create a better, more open-minded and educated world (see page 90).

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