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Neodyne, an innovative tissue repair device manufacturer, was preparing to launch a brand-new product that represents an entirely new diabetes treatment category. Our task was to develop messaging, positioning, branding, marketing materials, and new customer-facing website for the new product launch. 


The result was the development of an e-commerce website that married simple, yet compelling visuals and consumer-friendly messaging with clinical insights targeted to both patients and clinicians. Because Neodyne was creating an entirely new product category, weaving in education about the problem, the way in which the product is used and the benefits were critical to driving greater understanding, awareness, and ultimately product adoption.
The new branding and messaging we established were used to create a number of other marketing assets to support the launch of the device, including an extensive new investor pitch deck.




Brand Identity
Design Strategy
Content Design
Graphic Design
Web Design

Content Strategy
Pitch Strategy
Campaign- Development

MHC 01 Neodyne Mockup 09_22_22.jpg
MHC 14 Neodyne Mockup 09_23_22.jpg
MHC 10 Neodyne Mockup 09_22_22.png
MHC 07 Neodyne Mockup 09_22_22.png
MHC 11 Neodyne Mockup 09_23_22.jpg
MHC 02 Neodyne Mockup 09_22_22.jpg
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