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Cerus Corporation develops and supplies critical technologies and pathogen-protected blood components to blood centers and hospitals. The complex nature of these technologies can make it difficult to understand how they work and clearly identify product benefits. We were tasked with creating a marketing campaign to simplify messaging and ensure stakeholders understood the core value proposition of the Company’s flagship product.


Visual storytelling is a tool we often use to distill complex concepts to improve understanding of a product and elevate brands.  In this case, we led the development of an eye-catching, simple, and concise 3D animation of Cerus Corporation’s groundbreaking technology. Leveraging this animation, we generated high-quality and engaging micro-content and deployed it across a variety of channels such as the company website, presentations, and email campaigns to communicate clear messaging and highlight core brand pillars.



Brand Identity

Design Strategy

Design Persuasion

Graphic Design

Tone of Voice




Social Impact

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