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The hemodialysis dialysis industry has experienced very little innovation over a prolonged period of time with large incumbents dominating the space. Quanta Dialysis Technologies has disrupted a stagnant industry with innovative technology to meet patients where they are. Our challenge was to create a portfolio of marketing materials to reach multiple stakeholders with various needs at each stage of care, to help Quanta effectively establish its market position.


We worked with Quanta through a series of exercises to define and address stakeholder pain points along the continuum of care. One of our efforts focused on integrating previous branding with an updated design, developing new branding for a clinical trial, and utilizing updated visuals to create a series of branded infographics. With these outputs we developed a large breadth of high-impact marketing deliverables to increase brand awareness and drive higher engagement across various stakeholders.
Deliverables included the development of patient aids, clinical infographics, sales brochures, and the creation of multi-media content used for sales enablement tools, and end-user simulation training.*

*Courtesy of Quanta Digital Technologies.





Brand Identity
Product vs. Corporate
Tone of Voice

Information Design
Design Strategy



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