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In April of 2020, I found myself living on a farm in Rochester, New York.


My partner (at the time) and I were at acrobatics school in Asheville, North Carolina when COVID-19 took over the world. And while the pandemic sent everyone else home to safety, our home, New York City, was going through the worst of it. Unable to return for fear of our lives, we sought refuge with friends in Rochester who opened their doors to us.


We will tell our children and grandchildren that this time truly felt like the world was ending. We were suffering a global pandemic which was killing hundreds of thousands and our nation was experiencing political upheaval which provided no hope or direction. We watched as trucks on 5th Avenue were filled with body bags, Central Park was turned into a makeshift clinic, and violence broke out in the streets.


Modern Apocalypse was a project I created to capture that period of time. The fear, anger, hopelessness, emergence of primal survival instinct, loss, uncertainty, and anticipation of a tomorrow that was not promised.

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