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Founded 2015, Warrior Bridge  is a movement studio specializing in Acrobatics, Yoga, Aikido, Jiu Jitsu, Inversions, Handstand and Flexibility based out of our South Street Seaport in New York City. Over the course of 2 years, the task was to build and develop a strong brand identity and grow media presence. 




Brand Identity
Design Strategy
Design Persuasion
Tone of Voice

Influencer Partnerships
Media Planning

User Experience (UX)
User Interaction (UI)
Graphic Design
Promotional Materials

Teacher Training Final Card.02.jpg
Teacher Training Final Card.01.jpg

Informational Postcards

A new design to kick off the new year, and a new series of programs and classes. 

Apparel Design

Warrior Bridge wanted students to be able to show off their hard work with apparel to wear wherever you move! 


Media Design & Strategy

Although Warrior Bridge already had a sizable following, they wanted to grow their social prescience and develop a template to continue expanding.

This was achieved through developing visual guidelines and strategy, as well as a huge emphasis on utilizing existing influencer partnerships and building new relations. This also included strategic partnerships with photographers and makers in the fitness and movement industry. Within one year, community growth increased by 30%.





User Experience & Information Design

One of the biggest pain points identified with this business was the lack of clarity in scheduling. The studio's client base consisted of two major categories: devoted locals and visiting travelers. As a high-level movement space however, these two groups had one major thing in common, the clientele was made up of 87% Millennials.

With this in mind, we decided the best course of action would be to design a clear and quick way to check out the schedule using the new feature (at the time) Instagram Stories. This was supplemented by a printed schedule in the studio that students could take photos of upon visiting, as well as a graphic slideshow on a television added to the common space of the studio.

User Experience & Information Design: Rapid Response

The addition of a large monitor to the common area of the studio was one of the most impactful improvements for this client. Not only did create a home for bold, beautiful graphics to live, it allowed for the most immediate updates to be presented, and was placed in a strategic location.

By hanging in the corridor where students store their bags/clothing and wait for class, it's impossible to miss and catches students where they stop (not simply pass) both before and after class. Additionally, located on the corridor wall on the south side of the room, the screen is visible though the window to passersby, providing easily visible information even when the studio is closed.


UX: Informational Postcards

To supplement efforts to clearly present class schedule and variety of offerings, printed postcards were designed and made available both inside the studio and placed in a new clear mailbox outside the studio. This allowed passersby to quickly and easily snag information about the studio, classes, and new student information.


Organic Community Building & Building Loyalty

Though the concept of work-trade was not new to the studio, promoting the program and utilizing it's opportunity to nurture new movers (many of whom become teachers!) was. This graphic was designed to help draw attention to the program, while the program itself was reorganized and defined to help guide these students toward growth and success in the discipline of their choosing.

This program also provided an opportunity for the studio to give back to the community, allowing those with financial need the chance to train and further their movement education.

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