An Assemblage of miscellaneous projects that didn't get their own page (but are loved just the same!).

Slow Fashion | H&M Conscious


+ Branding     + Advertising     + Research     + Social Impact     + Design Persuasion     + PR     + Systems Design     + Marketing


H&M Conscious is a new product line at H&M featuring sustainable, transparent  manufacturing processes. Given a basic clientele profile, conduct further research and develop an advertising campaign to promote the new line. The goal: convince eco-conscious millennials that H&M is a sustainably focused brand.


H&M Conscious: Slowing Down Fast Fashion. Using #slowingdownfastfashion as a unifier, our campaign consists of a pop-up exhibition, opening event, fashion show, app, microsite, and posted advertising matching store window displays.



+ Business Models     + Disruptive Technologies     + Research     + Social Impact     + Design Persuasion 

+Environmental Impact    +Branding     +Systems Design


Research the United Nations Global Impact, Project Breakthrough. Compare and analyze the six Breakthrough Business Models and choose one model on which to build a learning organization. Analyze the competitive landscape of the chosen disruptive technology, research and explore its visibility, develop brand positioning and analysis, as well as a design strategy methodology.


Ophio - cricket granola protein bites. Our protein alternative helps meat eaters who want to reduce their impact by lessening the amount of resource consumption caused by cattle farming and increasing the desirability of insects.